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Material Requirments Planning (MRP) tutorial

Material Requirment Planning on the basis of:

01. Customer demand

02. Material capability

03. Make-To-Order

04. Make –To-Stock

05. Dynamic buffer or coverage profile

06. Lead time (different mode)

07. More then one supplier for a part

08. Supplier share of business

09. Stock

10. Minimum Order Quantity

11. Optimum Order Quantity

12. Many other simulation functions


Here you can find a very good explanation for how to implement MRP:


MRP Software:

Based data collection (barcode, RFID, digital, analog), and real-time processing are a modern MRP (manufacturing resource planning) software which was developed by ARGE BILISIM. According to the ISO 16949 standard, such as automotive and automotive supplier industries in production as MRP (Manufacturing Resource Planning) ; warehouse, inventory, bill of materials, product costing, productivity measurement, quality measurement, the premium are used for system implementation.



ExpressMRP is a software for MRP (Material Resources Planning), forecasting and production simulation in manufacturing companies. It tends to be simple, yet powerful tool for ad-hoc MRP calculation, planning and simulation often needed in process industries. The program is especially suitable for dynamic manufacturing companies that produce many different products, handle variety of raw materials and often change production schedules and priorities. In such dynamic manufacturing companies it is of essential importance to be able to to forecast material shortage in time, in order to be able to react on time. ExpressMRP is designed to be the answer to such situations, being a tool for fast, ad-hoc MRP planning, production simulation and optimization. It is a bless for planners and production managers, that are facing stressful strugle to deliver products in time. If you purchase ExpressMRP, you get both Linux and Windows full version of ExpressMRP.


Watch this quick 15-minute webinar and learn tips to Material Requirements Planning (MRP) and start gaining better control over your inventory.


Build a material planning tool in an Excel spreadsheet:



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